At MTI College, we strive to give you the best training possible, ensuring you have all the right knowledge, skills, and abilities to succeed in the paralegal field. We will train you on these concepts and ensure you have the ability to work in a law office and perform all the necessary tasks at a high level. When you have completed your program, our job placement assistance staff is there for students who want help in finding a solid job.

MTI Paralegal Student Testimonials

Our Paralegal alumni most often have success landing careers working in the legal field because we teach the most relevant and up-to-date principles as it pertains to law, and working in a law office. Find out what a few of our graduates of the Paralegal Associate Degree program have to say about their education and how MTI’s training has helped them in their professional career.

Graduate Simone Robertson

After being out of school for many years, it is great exercising my brain again. I presently work in administrative, corporate and compliance and everything I learned has helped.

Simone Robertson, Paralegal Studies
Graduate Deb Stoeckle

The instructors are experienced leaders in their fields. I enjoy learning from them. Having a practicing attorney or working paralegal as an instructor brings stories and real experiences to the classroom.

Deb Stoeckle, Paralegal Studies
Graduate Curtis Missal

The atmosphere has been nothing but motivating. MTI really pushes and guides students to become professionals in all aspects of the school and their career path.

Curtis Missal, Paralegal Studies
Graduate Raendy Agra

A recruiter found my resume online and offered me an interview. I applied on Tuesday, interviewed Wednesday, and had a second interview on Monday. Today, I signed my offer letter to be a senior legal research analyst. My annual salary will be 16k more a year than I make now. Going to MTI really helped me improve in every aspect of life.

Raendy Agra, Paralegal Studies
Graduate Diane Campbell

All of the instructors are stellar. I learned so much. I didn’t know that I could push myself so hard to do well, but I was inspired to achieve because everyone was so supportive. I learned that I love everything about the study of law. Now, it is time for me to experience its practical application by becoming an attorney. Without the support of everyone at MTI, I would have never garnered the courage to apply to law school and to ultimately believe that I can succeed.

Diane Campbell, Paralegal Studies

Paralegal Career Paths

Students interested in working in a law office can earn a two year Paralegal Associate’s Degree from MTI College of Sacramento. Graduates will gain the knowledge and skills required to work under lawyers in law offices in California and around the United States.

Careers in the Legal Field

Paralegals do a variety of tasks designed to help lawyers work more effectively and efficiently. Some of these tasks include organizing files, conducting research, drafting documents, investigating case facts, gathering and arranging evidence, and even helping lawyers during actual trials with exhibits, briefs, appeals and more.

The demand for paralegals and legal assistants is expected to grow faster than average over the next decade, making it a wise field to enter into. It attracts many applicants making the need for adequate training paramount in securing a job in the field.

MTI’s Legal Job Training Program

MTI’s legal training program includes a one year Legal Administrative Assistant program and a two-year Paralegal Associate’s Program. We will make sure you are trained in all the necessary acumen and skills for landing a job and will help you continue your job hunt even after you have graduated. Speak to an admissions advisor today and begin your career in an exciting and growing field!