MTI graduates each follow their own unique path after finishing school. We have heard from many of our graduates who have gone on to enjoy successful and satisfying careers with a variety of employers. Here is what a few of our current students and recent graduates have to say about their experience at MTI College:

Accounting & Business

Graduate Michael Xiong

MTI has prepared me for everything. I have gained knowledge in all the applications that I know I will use in the future.

Michael Xiong, Business Administration
Graduate Phet Daravong

If you are looking for a school that actually cares about you, your education, and future, MTI College is the place. They help you every step of the way and prepare you for the workforce.

Phet Daravong, Business Administration
Graduate Glenn Childs

My education at MTI has given me the confidence to pursue many endeavors at the company I work for…My education gave me the ground base I needed to go in whatever direction I chose; the ‘soft skills’ that you need to have before you even interview for a job are important to maintain.
(Employed by JELD-WEN as an Environmental and Safety Coordinator)

Glenn Childs, Business and Technology


How did you get your first job after graduation? I created a video, “Life as a Daymaker,” which was about my mentor David Wagner. He later saw my video asked me to put it on YouTube where he could share it and he offered me a job in his salon. My advice to Future Professionals is.. Take everything you can from your Learning Leaders at school because once you graduate you don’t have them anymore. Take appointments you are not normally comfortable with so you can learn and get help while you are there.
(Self-Employed at Allure Innovation Salon as a Hair Stylist)

Tonya Garcia, Cosmetology

What I loved most about Paul Mitchell School was… Culture and advanced education was emphatic. My advice to Future Professionals is… Take school seriously. The amount of other students and potential stylists is vast and unyielding. Employability comes from work ethic and networking in addition to fine education, yet fine education can be defined by the learners ability to adapt to the teacher.
(Employed by Hattori Hanzo Shears as a Lead Stylist and Barber)

Justin Thomas, Cosmetology

“Knowledge is everything. Always keep an open mind! Never take anything personal in this business. Always smile! After I graduated I found a salon in the Bay Area were I started assisting and learning as much as I could for 6 months. After 6 months I then started on the floor as a main stylist for another six months. Then one day my department head now called me and asked if I was available for an interview to become part of her team for the new network FOX SPORTS 1. My first job was working with Erin Andrews for Fox college football. Erin and I were a great fit which led me to working with her for other events such as Super Bowl XLVIII, photo shoots, commercials, and FOX events.”
(Employed by FOX SPORTS as a Hair Stylist)

Dominique Diaz, Cosmetology


Student Jenette Edwards

I have enjoyed working with the teachers. They pushed me to do my best and to work hard. MTI prepared me with all the skills I needed to work in the real world.

Jenette Edwards, Medical Assisting
Medical student Paola Schriber

MTI makes sure that we get prepared and ready to face a real working job. It’s completely changed my life for the better.

Paola Schriber, Medical Assisting and Phlebotomy
Graduate Alison Watts

It was a really fun experience the whole way through. All of my instructors were full of knowledge. My fellow students were all great. Every class that I took had a purpose. I actually miss coming to school!

Alison Watts, Medical Assisting and Phlebotomy


Ricky Andrade, MTI College Phlebotomy Graduate

I never thought I would learn so much in so little time! I was able to continue to volunteer in the labs at MTI until I received my license and was then sent to Sutter through MTI’s Career Services office. Even to this day, if I have a question I can go to the instructors, directors or the president of the school to get a question answered. My education helped me to exceed the expectations of my new employer.
(Employed by Sutter Health, Sacramento as a Clinical laboratory assistant/phlebotomist)

Ricky Andrade, Phlebotomy


Graduate Diane Campbell

All of the instructors are stellar. I learned so much. I didn’t know that I could push myself so hard to do well, but I was inspired to achieve because everyone was so supportive. I learned that I love everything about the study of law. Now, it is time for me to experience its practical application by becoming an attorney. Without the support of everyone at MTI, I would have never garnered the courage to apply to law school and to ultimately believe that I can succeed.

Diane Campbell, Paralegal Studies
Graduate Deb Stoeckle

The instructors are experienced leaders in their fields. I enjoy learning from them. Having a practicing attorney or working paralegal as an instructor brings stories and real experiences to the classroom.

Deb Stoeckle, Paralegal Studies
Graduate Curtis Missal

The atmosphere has been nothing but motivating. MTI really pushes and guides students to become professionals in all aspects of the school and their career path.

Curtis Missal, Paralegal Studies
Graduate Raendy Agra

A recruiter found my resume online and offered me an interview. I applied on Tuesday, interviewed Wednesday, and had a second interview on Monday. Today, I signed my offer letter to be a senior legal research analyst. My annual salary will be 16k more a year than I make now. Going to MTI really helped me improve in every aspect of life.

Raendy Agra, Paralegal Studies


Graduate Edward Panacek

What I enjoyed most about my program is the very detailed and broad range of information we learn. I also enjoy how involved my teachers are and that if I have a question, I can get it answered quickly with one-on-one time.

Edward Panacek, Network Administration
Graduate Brian Miller

My education at MTI was instrumental to my career choice after graduating. I have continued to grow from the base of my education. I have both MCSA and A+ certifications from MTI, that I used as a springboard to earn my CCNA, java scripting and web design certifications. The tech field is an ever evolving field of study, where I am continuously learning. There is no room for boredom.
(Employed by the State of California, Department of Motor Vehicles as an Assistant Information Systems Analyst)

Brian Miller, Network Administration
Graduate Robert Westendorf

The education I received from MTI College is the sole reason that I was able to gain employment at my current location…My current job is always challenging and advancing me. This keeps me advancing in my education and chosen field of IT.
(Employed by the State of California, FI$Cal project)

Robert Westendorf, Network Administration
Graduate Jessica Kinder

I have really enjoyed the IT program here at MTI. Not only is my class like a family, I feel like my teachers want me to be successful as much as I want to be successful.

Jessica Kinder, Network Administration