Sacramento’s Premier Paralegal Training Program Approved by the American Bar Association

As an authority in vocational training for 50 years, MTI College of Sacramento understands the value of efficient and convenient programs, knowledgeable and helpful instructors, and affordable tuition. The MTI Paralegal Associate Degree Program, approved by the American Bar Association for over twenty years, upholds this tradition by offering its graduates the training required to work as paralegals in many areas of law. With MTI’s caring staff and faculty focused solely on the success of our students, our 90+% graduate job placement rate should come as no surprise. Your class schedules are pre-determined and guaranteed available, which means you can complete the paralegal program on time. Smaller class sizes and books delivered to your classroom further enhance your learning experience. If you are serious about becoming a paralegal, MTI’s Paralegal Degree Program is where you should be.

As an added convenience to provide our students with additional flexibility, the second year coursework for the Paralegal Degree Program is available in two learning formats: the traditional on-campus classroom format and the alternative OnlinePlus partial online format. These two formats are explained in more detail below.

Paralegal Studies – Traditional On-Campus

MTI College’s Paralegal Program is Sacramento’s most established paralegal program and has been reinforced by the American Bar Association’s approval for over 20 years. If previously earned credits from MTI College’s Legal Administrative Assistant program or other institutions are accepted, the two year Paralegal Degree Program is typically completed in as short as a year. For individuals bypassing the first year due to qualifying transfer credits, the second year of the program is broken into four quarters. Each quarter consists of three courses conducted in a conventional classroom environment. This degree prepares students to work under the supervision of attorneys by honing their logical, analytical, and critical thinking abilities as well as their communication and problem-solving skills. Upon graduation, MTI’s staff of experienced legal professionals will match your diligence with their efforts to get you hired immediately.

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Paralegal Studies – OnlinePlus

To accommodate even more motivated learners, MTI College offers its Paralegal Associate Degree in an OnlinePlus alternative delivery format. This partial online format is offered for the second year course work and is administered through an online Course Management System. The OnlinePlus program is broken into four quarters consisting of three courses, two online and one conducted in the conventional classroom environment. This allows students completing the second year of the Paralegal Degree Program to attend only one course on campus, one night a week, while attending the other two courses via online learning. The OnlinePlus format delivers the same course content as the traditional on-campus classroom format, featuring independent and team exercises designed to strengthen the same analytical and problem-solving skills. Whether you are on campus or on the computer, feedback and support are available to answer all of your questions.

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Student Simone Robertson

After being out of school for many years, it is great exercising my brain again. I presently work in administrative, corporate and compliance and everything I learned has helped.

Simone Robertson, Paralegal Studies

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Sacramento’s Best Paralegal Program – Job Placement

In addition to being approved by the American Bar Association and receiving the best paralegal training Sacramento has to offer; MTI also provides its paralegal graduates with job placement assistance. If you choose, you may receive help in resume building, interviewing, as well as have access to other job search tools designed to help you find a job after graduation.

Apply to MTI’s Paralegal Degree Program

To apply for MTI’s Paralegal program, fill out our online application on the right side of the screen or on our application page. From there an admissions advisor will guide you through the process, answering all of your questions and scheduling a tour of our Sacramento Campus.

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