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This program serves as a great starting point for careers in accounting, business, and finance.

Objective of the MTI College Accounting Program

The primary objective of the MTI accounting technician program is to prepare students for entry-level employment in the field of accounting or bookkeeping. Such careers are available throughout California and the rest of the country. Students will become proficient in the latest computerized accounting applications and other prominent software used in the business community, including Microsoft Office.

The primary duties of accounting technicians and bookkeepers are calculating and recording numerical data related to business expenses and income. They classify this information and maintain the records for future analysis and tax purposes. Other duties that may be performed include handling money, conducting audits, analyzing financial data and preparing reports. Students of the MTI College Accounting Technician diploma program will learn all of these skills and more.

Fast Training Program

Bookkeepers are in Demand

Job Flexibility

Accounting technicians take care of financial bookkeeping, handle payroll and maintain accounts payable or accounts receivable activity. MTI College has one of the most experienced Sacramento accounting schools and each accounting course offered is designed to prepare students for real-life careers in accounting.

The MTI accounting technician program is 36 weeks in length and provides comprehensive training, so students are ready to transition directly into a professional working environment in less than a year. Other Sacramento accounting schools can take much longer and create additional expenses for the student.

About the Accounting Technician Education Program

One of the more challenging programs at MTI College is the accounting technician diploma program. The reward is the numerous job opportunities available for graduates of the accounting technician education program; every business needs accounting professionals, from small business to the largest corporations.

Students will learn many different skills that will be required in their future careers as accounting technicians. All of these skills are necessary in order to acquire a position and begin a career in the field of accounting. Some of these skills include knowledge of accounts payable and accounts receivable, tax law, recording and depreciating fixed assets, payroll procedures, cash-basis and accrual bookkeeping and year-end reconciliation.

Students will also learn how to foster characteristics helpful in mastering these skills. Accounting technicians should have an aptitude for business math and computer operations. They should be able to create word processing documents and spreadsheets. Keyboarding skills and 10-key keypad skills are also highly desirable.

Review Program Assessment Data

PDF FileAccounting Technician Program Assessment 2011 (PDF)

Program Details

Tuition and Registration: $14,130

Books and Supplies: $1,365

Award Year Job Placement Rate: 100%

Based on the number of Accounting Technician program graduates in the 2012-2013 award year (7/1/2012 – 6/30/2013) who registered for graduate placement services and secured employment in their field of study, and those who did not register and successfully obtained employment on their own.

Percentage of students who graduate within the published timeframe: 56%

Note: The percentage shown above represents students who graduated from the program on or before the published graduation date. The majority of the remaining students completed the program within the timeframe allowed by the U.S. Department of Education, which is 150% of the normal program length. A student’s graduation date may be delayed by a few days or a few months due to circumstances such as the need to retake a course or the need for a leave of absence to care for an ailing family member.

Title IV: $6,167.00

Private Educational Loan Debt: $0

Institutional Financing Debt: $0

All information provided in compliance with U.S. Code 75 FR 66948 §668.6.

Review Gainful Employment data in compliance with U.S. Code 34 CFR 668.6(b)(2)(iv).

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MTI College students completing the accounting technician program will be able to use their diploma to advance into other degrees, such as our Business Administration Associate in Art (A.A.) degree with the addition of other MTI subject content.